Fernandes Makes sitting in artist studio in Isington mill, Salford

Hello, I'm Nicola Fernandes (she/her) known as Fernandes Makes
I'm a freelance painter and illustrator from Norwich living in Manchester
In 2010 I graduated in Visual Studies from the Norwich University College of Arts (NUCA/NSAD) Specialising in Exhibition Curation and Artist Business Management with a dream to be a Creative Coach, design shop window displays and the concepts in Music/Product Videos.


Now a passionate painter of wildlife, nature and laugh out loud moments, I create illustrative treats for the pessimistically optimistic 

Think paintings of cats licking themselves looking straight into your eyes or a collection of tits (birds) but I also play it safe with paintings of tigers and birds, in the pipeline I plan to do a localised bird print with researched local birds. In addition to my nature themed art work I like to do illustrations based on the pessimistically optimistic side of life - my best seller "You might be dead inside but still super fun" pesky taxidermy ferret art print hopes to demonstrate my personality in my work and I hope to provide some literal laugh out loud moments at my market table with customers. 


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